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Фарма/Био переводы

English to Russian Bio/Pharma Translation


I am Tatiana Nikitina, PhD. I work as a Biopharma Translator with strong scientific background, that is why I understand my mission as passing your ideas into Russian correctly and in integrity. I am not just "familiar" with  the specific terminology. I understand essences, processes and mechanisms designated by the terms.

For sure, nobody can know everything, but my long-term experience in scientific researches and teaching at the university will help me to treat any new theme comprehensively. In the end, it has been my profession for years! And of course, I use only reliable scientific sources with good reputation for reference information, and know what terminology is characteristic of these scientific fields in Russia.

am sure, my skills are of the special importance for the translation of pharmaceutical documents and patents. In any patent or patent application you can find a phrase "known to one skilled in the art". But it is right if the translation is carried out by a person who can see mechanisms and essences behind scientific terms, i.e., by somebody who is also "skilled in the art". Competent translator understands your text so that (s)he can not only translate it correctly, but even point out to some accidental error and oversights, which are practically inescapable in voluminous texts.

If you think I can help you or wish to get my CV with more details of my professional skills, please, contact me through the contact form or by e-mail

You can also add me on Google+  

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You can find more information on my profile page on ProZ.com and links to some samples of translation below.


The Russian part of the web-site represents my translations of some most interesting (from my point of view) bio-pharma news. Namely, news and achievements concerning Biopharma Research, Translational Medicine, Molecular Basis of Diseases, Pharmacology and New Drugs, Pharmacogenomics, New Methods of Therapy, Scientific approaches to Non-traditional Therapy, and Just Interesting Biopharma Facts.

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